About Us

The aim at My Wings is to provide a caring environment where children can learn through play. We recognise young children's need for care and emotional support as well as for learning experiences. Our curriculum develops enquiring minds and a positive attitude. It aims to create an environment in which children feel secure and con?dent. The children at My Wings are stimulated to enjoy learning through a variety of well-planned and carefully structured activities. They develop skills and concepts that will prepare them for primary school and give them a sound foundation for future learning. The staff of My Wings Academy (fly high to sky....) have been carefully chosen for their experience and understanding of early childhood education. They have an abundance of patience and truly understand the needs of young children. Their ready smiles and warm hearts help the children to feel welcome and secure. This professional and caring environment gives the children and their families a secure base, which is welcomed in this expat community.


Because...... Our holistic education program provide the best learning environment to each individual learning style of the child.... Our environment and curriculum reflects the natural needs of the young inquisitive mind of the child.... Our child centric approach helps the child to give meaning to their world. We Provide...  Hygienic and clean environments. To help toddlers initiate in the readiness language Skills, phonics program for school level.  Emphasis on creative arts like, Music, Dance, Art & Craft etc... Field trips and Visits to places of cultural, historical and environmental interest.  Active Parent involvement in the growth of the child.  A place to develop skills, concepts, positive attitudes and values.