My wings academy is a new Pre Primary Play School and is located in the lap of Gotri, Subhanpura, Ellora park, samta and gorwa. My wings is the start of a child's independent experience away from home. We aim to provide a joyful journey to knowledge and confidence for the preschool children. We realize that young children are naturally thinking, creative and communicative. My wings envisions nurturing these qualities that will help children transition from home to main stream schooling. At my wings academy we strive to create a happy atmosphere where learning is fun. Every child is welcome and special to us, no matter what their health, gender, culture or circumstances and we will work together with the parents of the child to provide the activities and attention that he or she needs to develop to their best potential. We are proud to say that My wings academy Pre-school has an excellent reputation so if you are thinking of choosing our school for your child, please speak with other parents who have their child already here. I'm sure that they will give you an honest opinion from their experience of the school. Please feel free to pop in and see us at any time. No appointment needed.

our aim

A safe, secure and stimulating environment Individual care and attention is made possible by the high ratio of adults to children.
Fun and friendship with children and adults.
Our purpose is to offer a caring, warm, safe and stimulating environment and to provide quality learning and development experiences for all children.
Our motto is to focus on providing a top quality service for all our children andtheir parents.
We work hard to create a healthy, fun and friendly atmosphere within our setting, Our staff and parents are the key to our upcoming success.
We believe in communicating and consulting with them, involving them in the development of the pre-school, and in the decisions that affect them.

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our Quote

The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.